Say “No” To Weighing Yourself & “Yes” to Loving Yourself

Here is a little inspiration for a back to work day after a long holiday weekend. Love yourself..not the scale.

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Weighing ourselves is a common thing that we all likely do.

We tend to weigh ourselves as we exit the bathroom, enter our bedrooms, or even just before we leave the house.

Instead of placing the number in your mind, I am going to give you an alternative for ONE week.

I am challenging you to go one full week without weighing yourself.

Take The Challenge

Photo courtesy of Angela Joy 

Use this week to instead focus on the successes that you experienced (going to the gym, eating a banana instead of cookies, sleeping an extra hour, drinking several cups of water).

Remove all negativity: Remove your thoughts about how many pounds you want to lose, the areas of your body you are unhappy with and, overall, any thing that brings you stress or unhappiness.

Too often we place our focus on what we did not do, what we have done wrong or what…

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The Power of Protein Workshop

Have you been asking yourself?

How much protein I need each day?

Are all proteins sources created equal?

How do I ensure I am getting enough protein if I am vegan?

Join us and learn answers to these questions and more.

The Power of Protein

Wednesday, May 27th

6:30pm-7:30pm at

Trails Recreation Center, Aurora, CO.

Register at Trails Recreation Center or through