Don’t be fooled…

..into spending less to get more that you don’t need. A trend in our retail industry has gotten on my last nerve, and I just have to vent. Let me explain….

Last week I took my family to the movies and I had a “moment” at the concession stand.  No it wasn’t the lack of healthy options to choose from, let’s face it, we all budget for popcorn at the movie theater (yes even me occasionally), it was the way the items were priced.  It was considerably cheaper to get the largest size of everything than get the smallest of anything!  This is not a new trend, but it always floors me when I really stop to think about it.

Movie snacks

So I ask you, have you really stopped to look at the prices?  As consumers we drive these prices into play.  Our demand is the determining factor. Take into consideration that the cheapest option most often has the most empty calories.  This marketing strategy is similar to the $1  vs.  $.99 ploy.  It is a simple way to make it look like we are getting the best value for our money.  It seems to make so much sense, but in reality it is not always a better option.  So,  you reason with yourself, okay I will pay the cheapest and then not eat it all, right? RIGHT?!!! How often does that happen when you are sitting within close reach of it in a dark movie theater. Honesty folks, not with me, but with yourself.

Same rings true with a most fast food restaurants. The price difference shrinks smaller the larger the size you order.  No, I won’t go the “a cup of coffee used to cost ___ cents” route, but it is astounding how our dollars are voting these days.  Don’t be fooled into spending less to get far as calories go in these treats, more is not better!!!


Here is my final gripe, not only do we spend less to get much MUCH more than we need, but it is not quality more. Not to mention that now we either consume more of it, or we throw it out.  Now a whole different ball game comes into play, the waste of food. Do we really need to spend the resources to make the extra products just to pay less for them?  Think with me here…farmers to grow the corn, and the manufacturers to make the ingredients, shipping costs, stores to house the products, people to serve them, and on and on… just add it to our trash bins?

Bottom line: As long as we buy it, retailers will price their supply this way, so be aware and don’t be fooled into a bargain for your wallet but not for your body.  Awareness is power.

3 thoughts on “Don’t be fooled…

  • couldn’t agree more!! today I was helping a friend move, and noticed they have the smallest containers of things… like olive oil, super small vanilla, single serving rice… i wasn’t going to ask today as she was frazzled!! but i’ll bring in up another time… was it her old small kitchen space? or the money factor? I think the general public worries so much about how much things cost, and watching pennies, but actually shopping at costco and sam’s for big bulky items is far better… so maybe i’ll buy the first round and show her the price per item!! in very small print!! keep em coming JoEllen!! your’e not alone!!


  • Jo, I think you are spot on in all of your points here. We don’t think about the consequences of a society driven by capitol and the legitimate weight that such said capital plays in shaping the course of our culture and our society. We believe in the power of our laws and lawmakers more than our own, personal volition, and we are paying the price (no pun intended) for this lack of perspective. Unfortunately, a society shaped by debt and convenience is the perfect storm for lost autonomy. Debt drives us to obsess over money—a sale, ironically enough, means we get to both save and spend. And yet, this same debt perpetuates our saving obsessions in the way it forces us to live to make the next dollar, constricting the amount of time we have available to devote toward applying intentional behaviors instead convenient ones. Awareness, indeed, is power.


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