Halloween Fun Repeats…

To relish in the fun and info of the past 5 years of this blog, I decided to repost links to the Halloween posts from the past.  Enjoy.

7,000 Calories – https://wordpress.com/post/eatlivefit.net/601

Halloween Snack – https://wordpress.com/post/eatlivefit.net?copy=1439

Halloween Goonies Appetizer – https://wordpress.com/post/eatlivefit.net?copy=2141


This year, I wanted to remind you to be mindful of your treat eating.  Here’s the way to keep your sweet treat to 100 calories so you can indulge without blowing it.  Pick ONE!!

 3 fun sized kit kats

5 starburst pieces

1 1/2 tsp nerds

10.5 sour patch kids

14 candy corns

3 twizzler sticks

8.5 peanut M&Ms