Halloween Fun: Broomstick Snacks

Savory Broomsticks, for the kid in all of us.  Get creative with a healthy snack for this holiday.  Mozzarella string cheese (least processed version you can find), carrot sticks or pretzels and a little celery strings. Check it out!

Cut each string cheese in half. Carefully slice 1 end of each piece into thin strips like broom stick bristles. On the top of the uncut half, use the tip of a knife to make a small indentation. Twist the pretzel stick or carrot into the indentation to create the broom stick. Finis off each broom with a length of chive tied into a knot near the top of the cheese piece. Tada, your own mini broom. Eat and enjoy.

Have your kids help put this easy, fun snack together. it will bring out their creativity. Not looking for perfection, just fun!

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