Homemade Indian King Masala Powder

Indian Spices

I love incorporating new spices into my cooking because the taste is undeniably different and adds variety to any meal plan.  Thanks to the internet, we can now gather ideas from all over the world.  Here’s a little example of a spice combination from a blog I follow.  Thank you youreverydaycookradha and foodbod!


Indian Spices2

mixing and roasting your own spice mixes is easy and adds such a punch of taste to any dish.  The hardest part is finding the spices listed in your local area.  Now with an new indian market down the street and the H Mart within a short drive, I was able to gather the few ingredients i was missing.  Reheating the dried spices I gathered gives them new life and enhances the flavor.  No need for the scented candle today!!!

You can certainly reheat any spices you use in any recipe to freshen up the taste and add more bang to your recipe (doesn’t have to be spicy either).  Often doing this will rev up the nutrient boost in addition to bringing more flavor to your cooking.

Happy Nutrition Month!  Let me know if you try this mix.