What clients are saying….

Pleased Satisfied Customers People Giving Positive Feedback

“I love the personalized menus and ease of my plan.  It is something I can and will stick to from now on”

“I am still loosing inches and I love that my clothes are fitting more loosely.  I can tell my progress not  only by the scale but by how I feel. Thank you.”

“Love how you cater meals to my schedule and worked in lots of things I like.”

“Feel leaner and clothes are fitting better..love it.”

“I am learning how to eat for life, not just for now.”

” I feel the best when I stick to your plan.  It was easy and foolproof.  Thanks Jo Ellen”

“I have learned so much from you about sugar and salt excess.  Now I look for it in everything I pick up.  It still amazes me some of the places it shows up and adds up.

“I really appreciate your knowledge and guidance. I feel so much better since we started meeting.  I do appreciate your knowledge, guidance, down to earth, practical advice and support. You rock!”

“You may not think you’re helping people daily, but I love all your posts.  We have been really focusing on protein and less sugar this summer”

Thanks for today, the information and workout were great!  You’re definitely in your element as a coach.  I am excited to go on a life long nutrition plan…”

“You opened my eyes to the need for healthy carbohydrates for my energy levels.”

“I really like your approach.  I’m not on a diet and I don’t feel like I am on one. I am  working on eating healthy from now on.”

“I just want to thank you for all your support and encouragement.  I am down 13.6 lbs. and I am thrilled.  I couldn’t have gotten this far without you.  Thank you again.  I appreciate you….I never thought at my age that I could be this weight again.”

“Thank you for your help in all this.  Your belief in me and support means so much.  Seriously, I could not have done this alone!”

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