Coaching Options

Initial Consultation – $99*

How do I start, you ask?  We will meet face to face (or via Skype) to complete a food diary evaluation,  health history review/measurement review and 60 minute consultation to outline your goals (weight loss, power to weight ratio, lean muscle development, etc.)  I will then follow up with personal recommendations and and individual kickoff nutrition plan.

Subsequent Consultations – $75 ea.*

These meetings are chances to evaluate your progress as we go along and discuss upcoming challenges and events and how to plan for your individual nutritional needs.  We will review your supplement/vitamin intake for adjustments and recommended changes.  These are typically 60 minutes in duration and can be face to face or over the phone/via Skype.

Small Group Coaching $80*

Four weeks of online group support through weekly conference calls, videos, a private social media group, and motivational texts. Topics include: Planning how to eat real food and limit additives, balancing the right protein, carbohydrates and fats, keys to avoiding sugar and cravings, helpful hints to make every meal simple and nutrient dense, and more.

10 Week Weight Loss Plan – $300*

Five face to face or phone/Skype consultations to review and plan for individual nutritional needs over a 10 week weight loss period.  This plan will follow an Initial Consultation so I can get a picture of your current nutrition habits and make valuable recommendations.

3 day meal plan – $99*

We will work together to design 3 days of meals including grocery lists, recipe ideas, and portion sizes to meet your individual nutritional goals (ie. weight loss, cleanse, or just plain clean eating).

Grocery Store Trip – $75*

We will plan a time to meet at your favorite grocery store in search of the options available to you that follow a clean eating plan.  We will debunk label reading and uncover all the Macronutrient sources at your finger tips.

I would love to get started so contact me to find out more at or (707) 408-3359

 * $3 surcharge added per invoice when using paypal as method of payment
** Members of Colobikelaw+Adventure Cycling Team will receive 10% discount on prices.

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