Freeing Truth..Life Stress vs. Metabolism

I have had many conversations with many clients about just this topic..stress.  Who doesn’t have stress in their life?  We all feel it and it impacts our life in many ways.  Stress manifests itself in many forms throughout our day.  It may be a “positive” stress, like motivation to get a project done..or a workout completed; or a “negative” source such as anxiety.  I couldn’t have said this better myself, so why try…

“Wanna know some frustrating yet freeing truth? 😬
Your metabolism is not worried about your physique or desire to lose weight. All your metabolism is programmed to do is sense threats in the environment & react appropriately to keep you surviving. It seeks to balance & recover from stress.
That means that you may be eating perfectly clean & exercising every day, but if you’re stressing yourself out about it, your metabolism is going to seek out your recovery and survival from stress first before it lets go of that body fat.
Modern-day stressors include lack of sleep, overexercise, excessively decreasing calories, giving birth, and of course emotional/mental stress from work, relationships, etc.
If you feel you’re working super hard to lose that holiday (or year-long 😬) weight gain but it’s not working, maybe try to look into these other factors and see where your body is resisting due to stress. Are you getting enough sleep? Are you eating enough nourishing foods? Are you stressed out? Even worse- are you SO concerned with getting leaner that it’s actually stressing you out?
This is freeing because our body is on our side– working for us to keep us healthy and balanced. We just have to take the signs from our metabolism (hunger, energy, cravings, fat loss/gain) and work with it, not against it.” by kitchenspired

I strive to help people get their metabolism back on track and burning up those calories and fat.  I will help you identify the sources of stress in your life that are affecting your metabolism.  I don’t sell gimmicks or any products, just valuable advice and balanced eating to help your body be the best it can be right now.

It really angers me that there are so many “get quick results” promises out there today that claim the labels “nutrition and health.”  Let me be the first to tell you, that often those sources will mess with your metabolism in more harmful ways in the long run.  If you are sick of all the hype and want to get your engine running, see food as fuel, and sustain a truly healthy lifestyle, then I am here to help!

Keep the fires burning. Metabolism boosters

Shop till you drop
Shop till you drop

As the holiday season is upon us, it is more important than ever to keep your eating in check.

What do you mean, you ask? Isn’t this the season to let go and eat all the goodies I want?

‘Tis the season to also pack in stress and extra errands. Am i right? The last minute dash to the grocery store for the one ingredient you are missing for the cookies, the mall trip late at night for a few gifts, racing to the post office to send off the cards….need I go on? These extra activities will zap your energy and leave you depleted and unable to resist the sugary temptations all around you this time of year.

Here are several scientifically proven foods to eat to keep your metabolism burning and energy levels up.

1 cup of cottage cheese
handful of raw almonds
1 serving of jerky (watch the salt and sugar content here!)
1 serving whey protein
2 apples a day
Egg whites
1/4 Avacado

Be kind to you and take care of you so you can take care of others this month!