That Sugar Film – Summer 2015


Perhaps you have already seen the documentary “Supersize Me” about a man’s journey through eating only McDonald’s food for a month and documenting the physical and physiological changes he experienced.

Let me introduce you to “That Sugar Film”

“That Sugar Film” is a similar endeavor, only this time the director, Damon Gameau , decides to target sugars.  He spends 60 days eating only hidden sugars in foods.  Keep in mind he avoids the obvious sources of sugars like ice cream and candy.  Instead he targets processed foods that contain various forms of sugar like cereals, granola bars, drinks, and the like.  He eats the same number of calories he ate prior to the documentary, so no calorie increase in his diet, just more of it from sugar.  Check out how fast he feels and sees the impact on his health.  Makes you think about where the hidden sugars are in your diet.  Here is a recent review of the film in New Zealand.

Can’t wait to go see this film in it’s entirety this Summer!