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Lately it seems the media is bombarding us with articles about the every growing obesity rates our world is facing.  It is a bit depressing.  Where’s the hope?  We live in a society of instant gratification.  Let’s face it, we have learned to desire, even demand, immediate gratification.  How many of you loose it when you have to wait in a long line at a store?  Or when your cell phone doesn’t get good reception in an area?  So many of us want what we want, and we want it now!!!  The sad truth is it took our nation and world time to build up to the obesity rates we are hovering at right now and it will take change and time to bring those numbers back down.   There is not a pill or quick fix to sustained weight loss.

Point in case, is excerpt from Dr. Gabe Mirkin, MD entitled “No Simple Cure for Obesity(April 12, 2015)”

“More than 70 percent of North American adults are overweight, which increases risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and premature death. A recent review of 45 trials of 11 weight loss programs (Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, HMR [Health Management Resources], Medifast, OPTIFAST, Atkins, The Biggest Loser Club, eDiets, Lose It! and SlimFast) showed that most had no good long-term data to show that their methods caused significant, sustained weight loss for more than one year (Annals of Internal Medicine, April 7, 2015;162(7):501-512). After one year, Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers showed 4.9 percent and 2.6 percent greater weight loss, respectively, than people who were given only dietary counseling. Nutrisystem and the very low calorie programs (HMR, Medifast, OPTIFAST) demonstrated 3-6 month weight loss but had no good data to show that the weight loss was sustained for more than a year. The author’s impression is that very low-calorie diets can help people lose weight in the short term, but they are so demanding that they are very difficult to stay on for the long term.”

The best approach to weight loss is a commitment and consistency.  Getting back to the basics of feeding your body what it needs and not what it doesn’t is a sure fire approach.  Finding ways to eat foods that are nutrient dense and taste good is a formula for success.  Eat to live.  Ready to get started?  Contact me at

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