Social Distancing” Session Options

A lot has changed in the last few weeks in all of our worlds.  I have been trying to decide how I want to react and continue to offer my expertise.  One thing I know for sure is that it is NOT the time to sit on our tuffs and stop moving.  Below are my solutions for continuing to work together during the stay-at-home policy.  During this pandemic, I have discounted my regular workout price in response to the economic times were are all experiencing.

Park Personal Training Workout – $60/hr.

1-on-1 workout outside at a  local park, staying 6 ft. apart, using my freshly cleaned equipment.  The fresh air and movement will elevate your spirits, keep your strength up, and provide cardio.  It will also give me a chance to evaluate your form and give you new ideas for workouts while the gym is closed.

Virtual Personal Training Session – $60/hr.

1-on-1 workout via skype or zoom together.  This workout will be based on the fitness equipment you have at home currently.   We will workout together to keep your strength up, and provide cardio. It will also give me a chance to evaluate your form and give you alternative ideas for workouts while the gym is unavailable.

Bike Coaching/Ride – $60/hr.

If you have an outside bike (road, mtn., hybrid bike, etc..) that is in good working order, we could meet for an outside ride in a convenient location.  I will coach you on good bike form, position and provide a workout at your level.

Nutrition – $99 Intro then $75/hr.

1 on 1 via skype or zoom session nutrition coaching to help you stay on track with your nutrition during this time.  It is very easy to get off track especially when the foods you normally eat are not available at the store all the time.  Let’s address emotional or stressful eating obstacles and the best methods to avoid it during this time.


Please let me know how I may help you stay strong and healthy during this time. or (707)408-3359.

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