Spots Still Available…Come Join Our Nutrition Workshop!

These next two days are the last chance to sign up for the Nutrition Seminar.  Join in our discussion and exploration of nutrition topics in the news lately.  See information here:

Back to You Trails Seminar[648]

This Saturday 9:30-10:30am at Trails Recreation Center.

You must register online at, class #465 or in person at front desk of Trails center.  Registration Deadline: Thursday, September 21st at noon.


Motivation Coming Your Way:

I have purposely not jumped on the bandwagon of the “New Year’s Resolution’s” this year.  That is because I believe you can begin healthy  habits and focus on nutrition any time of the year..not just in January!  I am here to help you with those goals, just reach out to me.

You are inundated with information right now, magazine headlines, gym membership specials, grocery store displays touting ways to loose weight and get in shape.  Everywhere you look it is blaring you in the face.

Instead, I hope to add some motivation and inspiration this month to help you make sense of the hype and keep on track.  So, every week, I will post a tidbit of information to help you stay on track.

Here’s one for you today:


Laughter is the best medicine.  Life is often way to serious.  Find a way today to laugh!!!  Not only will it put a smile on your face, it lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, lightens your mood, and on and on.

Back To School Means…BTY Time!

This time of year, as we get fall back into routines of school, work, and life, is the perfect time to make lifestyle changes.  Changes that will get results and are long lasting and focused on you.

Time to bring the focus Back To You (BTY)


 BTY: Small Group Coaching from

As a Certified Nutrition Coach, I will provide online support through weekly conference calls, videos, a private social media group, and motivational texts.  Topics include:

  • Eating real food, limiting additives

  • How to balance the right fats, protein and carbohydrates

  • Keys to avoiding sugar and cravings

  • Helpful hints to make every meal simple and nutrient dense

  • and much more…

Cost: $85 per person for 4 weeks of coaching

Back To School price $69 per person

Interested? Contact me at

or at (707) 408-3359

Sessions beginning soon! September 2016

“Eggs”planation: Demystifying the Labeling

Have you noticed that the egg section of the dairy isle has grown tremendously larger in America.  The selection is mind boggling now right along with the rise in price.  Here is a little help when it comes to selecting the best eggs to add to your cart depending on your preferences.

Organic – the hens typically receive organic feed and are not raised in cages.  The feed cannot contain animal byproducts, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, most pesticides and other unsavory ingredients.  Although antibiotics are rarely used int eh egg industry, it is POSSIBLE that organic eggs could come from hens that were given antibiotics ( a slight loophole in the regulation system).  An organic label does not cover humane treatment of the animals.

Free-Range – the hens producing these eggs were raised or are allowed outdoors.  In addition to grains, these hens may eat wild plants, and insects.  The quality of the outdoor area, and how often the hens have access to it are not addressed.

Cage-Free –  Hens are not bound to cages and have unlimited access to food and water.  Conditions vary per facility whether they are outside or inside housing.

Animal Welfare Approved – (AWA) these are from family owned farms that live up to the strictest criteria for hens’ ability to live in their natural state.  This label covers both organic feeding and humane living conditions.

Don’t be fooled by the added ingredients and supplements in eggs either.  “Enriched” eggs are not necessary unless you know you are deficient it a certain nutrient (i.e. omega 3 enriched, or protein enhanced).  By now, you know these marketing labels are often a way to hike up the price or to entice buyers to pick one brand over another.  A diet with a variety of foods is the best approach when you are low in one nutrient or another, not an “enriched” or “enhanced” version of a food.

Gut Heath, Good News

One of the science journals I frequently read revealed this good news!  Those of you that have worked with me know my focus on excellent gut health.  That does not mean giving up coffee or wine, unless you have a sensitivity or intolerance of it.  Here a little science to back me up!

“What’s The Truth” Workshop

The next two days are your last chance to sign up for my next nutrition workshop, “What’s The Truth.”  This 1.5 hour workshop will help you make sense of the myths and truths about nutrition today.  We are constantly bombarded by new “studies” claiming to have the best tips about food and nutrition.  I will discuss what is true and what is hype. Bring your questions and join us this Thursday from 6:30-8pm at the Trails Recreation Center in Aurora. These workshops are a reduced rate of $25 for all participants.  (Childcare available)

Online registration:

Select “fitness” from categories on left

then fill in  class # 463, “What is Really True”


Or Contact: Trails Recreation Center to register: (map available on website)

Trails Recreation Center
16799 E. Lake Ave.
Centennial, CO 80016


Freeing Truth..Life Stress vs. Metabolism

I have had many conversations with many clients about just this topic..stress.  Who doesn’t have stress in their life?  We all feel it and it impacts our life in many ways.  Stress manifests itself in many forms throughout our day.  It may be a “positive” stress, like motivation to get a project done..or a workout completed; or a “negative” source such as anxiety.  I couldn’t have said this better myself, so why try…

“Wanna know some frustrating yet freeing truth? 😬
Your metabolism is not worried about your physique or desire to lose weight. All your metabolism is programmed to do is sense threats in the environment & react appropriately to keep you surviving. It seeks to balance & recover from stress.
That means that you may be eating perfectly clean & exercising every day, but if you’re stressing yourself out about it, your metabolism is going to seek out your recovery and survival from stress first before it lets go of that body fat.
Modern-day stressors include lack of sleep, overexercise, excessively decreasing calories, giving birth, and of course emotional/mental stress from work, relationships, etc.
If you feel you’re working super hard to lose that holiday (or year-long 😬) weight gain but it’s not working, maybe try to look into these other factors and see where your body is resisting due to stress. Are you getting enough sleep? Are you eating enough nourishing foods? Are you stressed out? Even worse- are you SO concerned with getting leaner that it’s actually stressing you out?
This is freeing because our body is on our side– working for us to keep us healthy and balanced. We just have to take the signs from our metabolism (hunger, energy, cravings, fat loss/gain) and work with it, not against it.” by kitchenspired

I strive to help people get their metabolism back on track and burning up those calories and fat.  I will help you identify the sources of stress in your life that are affecting your metabolism.  I don’t sell gimmicks or any products, just valuable advice and balanced eating to help your body be the best it can be right now.

It really angers me that there are so many “get quick results” promises out there today that claim the labels “nutrition and health.”  Let me be the first to tell you, that often those sources will mess with your metabolism in more harmful ways in the long run.  If you are sick of all the hype and want to get your engine running, see food as fuel, and sustain a truly healthy lifestyle, then I am here to help!

January 6th: You are not a failure!

You know what I’m talking about.  You started on January 1st, rearing to go on the new you.  Whether that be to move more or eat better, your ducks were in a row.  Then, last night, after a long day at work and feeling the stress of life creeping back in, you dove into a bag of chips or cookies while watching your favorite show.

You look around you and everyone else seems to have it together.  You are surrounded by:

  • The mom sporting yoga pants in perfect shape with 4 kids getting into her new shiny SUV…
  • The couple working out together who seem to never fight or tire of one another
  • Or the guy at work that spends long hours at his desk getting mountains of work done and still finds time to stay trim and fit…

Some days it feels like EVERYONE is doing better than you, right?  STOP right there!!!

Perception is often not reality.  Want to know their secret?  Guess what, they’re struggling too.  How do I know? Because I coach many of them.

Everyone Else is NOT okay and you fit right in.  Life is messy, imperfect, wonderful and yet faulted in many ways.  Life is full of ups and downs, hangnails, laughter, alarms blaring when we are sound asleep, funny memories, wrinkles, decisions, jobs, kids, pets, temptations, songs, (fill in the blank) for all of us.

Which means that Everyone is NOT always doing okay.  Sit with that for a second.  STOP worrying about being the only person who doesn’t have it “all together.” I remember a poem I read that said, there will always be someone smarter, more together, faster, fitter, etc.  You are who you are for a reason and it is time to work on just you!

Instead, START:

  • to work on the areas of your life that you can influence
  • work on fitness and nutrition goals that are actually realistic and attainable
  • feel good about what you are doing right everyday, no matter how small
  • Learn to be OK with being “not OK”
  • Let things be messy

Perhaps today is your day to wear the baby barf pants to the grocery store to fill a prescription.  Or it is your day to chase your dog down the street in your heels as he escapes when you get home from work.  You won’t be the first one to do that, nor the last. You are normal right along with the rest of us.

I’m here to help:

Small Group coaching is starting THIS MONTH. Online Small Group Nutrition Coaching and Nutrition Seminars at Trails Recreation Center.  Contact me for more information about either at or via



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

As you celebrate the season this year, here’s a quick reminder to move.  Yes, the treats abound make sure to make time to move your body.  The president is doing it too!

FYI, we did this hike on our trip to Hawaii a few years ago.  Fabulous views but tough as nails!

I am grateful for each and everyone of you and look forward to helping you thrive in 2016!


Jo Ellen

“Stay Ahead of the Holiday Gain” workshop

Come learn fitness and nutrition tips to keep your holiday season from giving you the gift of added weight.

It’s the last two days to register for the “Stay Ahead of the Gain” workshop.  See details in the link below. Register online or in person at the Trails Recreation Center.

Stay Ahead of the Gain