Back To School Means…BTY Time!

This time of year, as we get fall back into routines of school, work, and life, is the perfect time to make lifestyle changes.  Changes that will get results and are long lasting and focused on you.

Time to bring the focus Back To You (BTY)


 BTY: Small Group Coaching from

As a Certified Nutrition Coach, I will provide online support through weekly conference calls, videos, a private social media group, and motivational texts.  Topics include:

  • Eating real food, limiting additives

  • How to balance the right fats, protein and carbohydrates

  • Keys to avoiding sugar and cravings

  • Helpful hints to make every meal simple and nutrient dense

  • and much more…

Cost: $85 per person for 4 weeks of coaching

Back To School price $69 per person

Interested? Contact me at

or at (707) 408-3359

Sessions beginning soon! September 2016

Which has the most sugar?

This weekend at an event, I posed this question:

Which of these has the most sugar?


The contenders were:

  • 1 medium apple

  • 3/4 cup blueberries (approx)

  • 1 serving of Candy Corn (measly 12 corns)

What’s your guess?  Before you read on, give us your guess in the comments section.
Did you add your response?  What are you waiting for?  Join the debate.




Okay, you are clear to read on….The most common response was the candy corn.  Some began to question their answer and after some thought, changed it to the Apple.  Then there were the ones that felt it was a trick question and went for the blueberries, just because it didn’t seem like the obvious answer.
Now you really want to weigh in, right?  The comment section is open for your vote.




Ironically, all three have about the same sugar content, 28-30 grams.  Here are several things to consider.
  1. Which has the largest quantity in the serving size?  The apple is the choice for quantity of food.  It has the largest serving size for the sugar content.
  2. Which is the most nutrient dense option?  There are two here, the apple and the blueberries.  Both have fiber still intact (peel) and are full of quality nutrients and vitamins that will satisfy cravings, keep you fuller longer and give your body the “most bang for your buck.”  A side benefit is the fact that these added nutrients will reduce the impact on your blood sugar.  When you mix these all together, your blood sugar does not SPIKE as high, thus no downsliding in energy later.
  3. What type of sugar is in each?  NONE of the three contain white, processed, sugar.  Yes it is true, the candy corn are made with honey. The fruits are primarily natural fructose.  So less processed versions of the dreaded “sugar.”  Your body will breakdown all three to glucose for cell energy, however, the candy corn will cause the largest spike in blood sugar since it doesn’t contain any other valuable nutrients to slow down the sugar absorption.  Hint, energy low the quickest, fastest burnoff also which means you will be hungry much sooner.
This is just the “tip of the iceberg” in Titanic terms for nutrition.
If you would like to find out more about sugar and how to manage it, especially the hidden sources, I am here to help.


The dreaded BLOAT – a natural solution

thHow many of you have suffered from bloating at one time or another for one reason or another?  Next time instead of reaching for an over the counter remedy, open your spice cabinet and pull out the fennel seeds.  Dry whole fennel seeds work the best because they contain all the natural ingredients to calm your stomach and reduce the bloating.  Simply chew or grind 1 TBS of dry fennel seeds and swallow.  Follow with 8 oz. of water to allow the fennel to breakdown faster in your stomach.  Not sounding appealing?  Another option is to use the freshly ground fennel to brew hot or iced tea.  Simply pour 8 oz of hot water over the ground fennel seeds and let steep for 6 minutes.  Discard the seed shells and sip tea to relieve symptoms.  Because it is a naturalth solution, it can be repeated every 30 minutes until the bloating and stomach pain subsides.  Works really well so next time give it a try.

Forget the diet, LIVE healthy!

11712b59b7451f5e9820b07ddea940aa“Food for thought” on this Thursday afternoon.  Have you looked at the labels of what you eat on a regular basis?  Don’t go for a diet but rather a lifestyle of eating to make the changes you want to see in your body, whether that be healing, shaping, or just feeling the best you can feel.  You don’t have to spend hours dreaming of food in a hunger haze.  You don’t have to load up your grocery cart with only one kind of protein, carb, or fat.  You have to get back to eating what your body knows how to digest.  It’s very personal but very attainable!  Skip the diet!

USA TODAY Article – Pre Diabetes and Diabetes on the Rise in US

This article was in USA Today this weekend, did you happen to see it?  If not, read it here: USA Today Article – Diabetes and PreDiabetes on the rise in US.   PreDiabetes and Diabetes rates have now risen to nearly half of Americans.  The older Americans get, the more overweight we become.  I don’t need to tell you that this trend is in the wrong direction for our nation.  It will result in higher medical costs and more health issues in the long run.

The best news is this is reversible but we have to act and make changes.  “It’s very clear that weight loss is far more powerful than any drug we can give,” Kern says.  Don’t join the trend, but step outside of the ordinary and let’s do something extraordinary together to fight these increase rates one person at a time, whether it be in your life or life of someone you know.  I am here to help.