Health Advocate

I often get the question, why did you choose the path of a Nutrition Coach? My answer is simple, because being a Nutrition Coach is much more encompassing. The first thing that comes to mind often when you hear the title “Nutrition Coach” is weight loss, right? However, this field is cutting edge and there is so much more to it.

As a Nutrition Coach, my goal is to help you evaluate your current habits and physical condition and make suggestions to improve your life based on your individual goals. Let’s face it, our bodies are all different biochemically, that is what makes us unique.  That being said, we cannot all approach nutrition the same.  There is simply not a text book formula that will work for everyone.  It is a combination of getting the right macro-nutrients(protein, carbohydrates, and fats) at the right times depending on our lifestyle.  Ever wonder why there are so many “diet” options out there?  One reason is because our bodies are all different biochemically and what works for one person, throws another’s body into chaos or simply has no change at all.  I help my clients loose weight in a healthy sustainable way, but I also have the tools to help them gain muscle, reshape their body, or improve their functional health. In other words, I coach as a health advocate for each person.

How do I do this? I look at the big picture of your individual health goals, your medical diagnosis’s, your personal challenges, and link together the missing pieces.  I chose not to go the route of traditional medicine, but rather the nutritional side of improving your body through eating habits because I have experienced this myself and seen it happen in countless others.  I enjoy helping clients diagnosis what is holding them back, whether it be the way they feel or look.  I fill in the gaps that traditional medicine does not have time to cover with us individually. There are so many ways to have a healthy lifestyle and body by just adjusting your food and including or changing natural supplements. I do not sell products or gain monetary benefits from any of the supplements or products I recommend, I just have studied their healing powers. If you give you body the right nutrition and support, it can be a powerful healer, a supportive vessel for your life. Our bodies are amazing and have the capacity to heal, thrive and survive if given the right tools. This is where nutrition plays a role.  Keep in mind, nutrition is part of the ever changing world we live in.  If you have never seen the documentary, FED UP, I recommend you watch it.  Part of my job is to keep up on the new science and latest discoveries in nutrition and bring those to the table.  It is an ever evolving process that is exciting as our world learns more about our bodies and how they function best.

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