One would you answer it?

dog in dishwasher

Was this you last weekend except not in the dishwasher but the Halloween candy stash?

Never fear, I hope you indulged a little, but even if you dove completely in, there is still today and everyday to get back to eating clean and healthy.  That is the beauty of eating clean, your body remembers it and loves to feel it’s best.  So jump back on the eating clean plan for your health!  Don’t succumb to the sweatpants advice, but take the first step back into a healthy routine and each step after will be easier.

Bathing suit vs sweatpants


Welcome to Fall folks!  In the next few weeks I will be searching and sharing recipes to make you Holiday’s full of flavor and REAL ingredients.  I hope you will add a few to your table spread this season.

So by now you are wondering if that was THE question..NOPE!  This video clip from is very telling and I wanted to share it’s message with you.  How would you answer the question?

I agree that the kids take the prize this time around.  Be mindful of how you see yourself and treat yourself today.  Be kind to you!  This life it hard enough without you being hard on you.

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