The dos and don’ts of Kidney Stones

Your kidneys are vitally important to your body.  They act as a filtration system sending good nutrients to your bloodstream and poor nutrients and waste to your bladder.  They can get mighty irritated and mad when you don’t drink enough water and cause all kinds of havoc.  This havoc is showing up in teenagers more frequently in an increased number of kidney stone reported.

So I wanted to review a few do’s and don’ts for kidney health:


DO drink lots of water EVERY DAY – aim for 10 eight ounce glasses a day.  Clear urine is the ideal, think Bud Light Color.


DO NOT cut back on dietary calcium intake.  Low Calcium increases the risk of kidney stones


DO limit sodium intake to 1500mg daily.  Watch the biggest sodium bombs in restaurant and take out food.


DO eat more fruits and vegetables.  These help create urine that is less conducive to kidney stones


DO loose weight and then maintain a healthy weight.  Obesity changes the acid levels in the urine, which causes stones not to dissolve or break down easily.


DO NOT overdue the soda, sodium or caffeine in your diet daily.  These are common culprits for kidney stone formation.


sources: Dr. Ledgerwood, South Carolina Kidney Study; Grow – Parker Adventist Hospital Magazine, Spring 2018


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