USA TODAY Article – Pre Diabetes and Diabetes on the Rise in US

This article was in USA Today this weekend, did you happen to see it?  If not, read it here: USA Today Article – Diabetes and PreDiabetes on the rise in US.   PreDiabetes and Diabetes rates have now risen to nearly half of Americans.  The older Americans get, the more overweight we become.  I don’t need to tell you that this trend is in the wrong direction for our nation.  It will result in higher medical costs and more health issues in the long run.

The best news is this is reversible but we have to act and make changes.  “It’s very clear that weight loss is far more powerful than any drug we can give,” Kern says.  Don’t join the trend, but step outside of the ordinary and let’s do something extraordinary together to fight these increase rates one person at a time, whether it be in your life or life of someone you know.  I am here to help.

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