NEW YEAR, BTY Small Group Coaching


Are you overwhelmed with all the fitness/nutrition choices out there this time of year?  Me too!!!  How do you make sense of all the hype and get make lifestyle changes.

Time to bring the focus Back To You (BTY)


 BTY: Small Group Coaching from

As a Certified Nutrition Coach, I will provide online support through weekly conference calls, videos, a private social media group, and motivational texts.  Topics include:

  • Eating real food, limiting additives

  • How to balance the right fats, protein and carbohydrates

  • Keys to avoiding sugar and cravings

  • Helpful hints to make every meal simple and nutrient dense

  • and much more…

Cost: $85 per person for 4 weeks of coaching

New Year price $69 per person

Interested? Contact me at

or at (707) 408-3359

Session begining soon! January 2016

informational support/sources: NAFC Inc, and PNutrition

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