January 6th: You are not a failure!

You know what I’m talking about.  You started on January 1st, rearing to go on the new you.  Whether that be to move more or eat better, your ducks were in a row.  Then, last night, after a long day at work and feeling the stress of life creeping back in, you dove into a bag of chips or cookies while watching your favorite show.

You look around you and everyone else seems to have it together.  You are surrounded by:

  • The mom sporting yoga pants in perfect shape with 4 kids getting into her new shiny SUV…
  • The couple working out together who seem to never fight or tire of one another
  • Or the guy at work that spends long hours at his desk getting mountains of work done and still finds time to stay trim and fit…

Some days it feels like EVERYONE is doing better than you, right?  STOP right there!!!

Perception is often not reality.  Want to know their secret?  Guess what, they’re struggling too.  How do I know? Because I coach many of them.

Everyone Else is NOT okay and you fit right in.  Life is messy, imperfect, wonderful and yet faulted in many ways.  Life is full of ups and downs, hangnails, laughter, alarms blaring when we are sound asleep, funny memories, wrinkles, decisions, jobs, kids, pets, temptations, songs, (fill in the blank) for all of us.

Which means that Everyone is NOT always doing okay.  Sit with that for a second.  STOP worrying about being the only person who doesn’t have it “all together.” I remember a poem I read that said, there will always be someone smarter, more together, faster, fitter, etc.  You are who you are for a reason and it is time to work on just you!

Instead, START:

  • to work on the areas of your life that you can influence
  • work on fitness and nutrition goals that are actually realistic and attainable
  • feel good about what you are doing right everyday, no matter how small
  • Learn to be OK with being “not OK”
  • Let things be messy

Perhaps today is your day to wear the baby barf pants to the grocery store to fill a prescription.  Or it is your day to chase your dog down the street in your heels as he escapes when you get home from work.  You won’t be the first one to do that, nor the last. You are normal right along with the rest of us.

I’m here to help:

Small Group coaching is starting THIS MONTH. Online Small Group Nutrition Coaching and Nutrition Seminars at Trails Recreation Center.  Contact me for more information about either at eatlivefit@hotmail.com or via eatlivefit.net.



One thought on “January 6th: You are not a failure!

  • So true Jo Ellen!! Thanks for your msg and thanks for just calling!! Eric is changing jobs.. Tbd might start consulting! So he’s been very diligent with diet and exercise! As for me… The old acid reflux is back as of thanksgiving so I’ve steared clear of any chocolate and most sweets!! Got my fix of almond egg nog and I’m hitting the treadmill !! Thanks for being honest and I really like your sense of humor! This made my day!! Kelley

    Take care, Kelley



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