Week’s Motivation: I will beat her!


I will beat her.

I will train harder.

I will eat cleaner.

I know her weaknesses.

I know her strengths.

I’ve lost to her before,

But not this time.

She is going down.

I have the advantage

because I know her well.

She is the old ME!

-pfitblog motivation

She is tough, but you are tougher.  If you need a quick Valentine’s Day recipe, check out my chocolate truffles as a family dessert.





One thought on “Week’s Motivation: I will beat her!

  • Awesome!! Speaking of the old person I had a chat with Sylvia over the last day and a half and she’s convinced her so she can work out yourself she knows what you have taught her however we had a new conversation about nutrition because I learned that her and her boyfriend are going out to dinner now 3 to 4 times a week because he doesn’t cook for himself and she doesn’t like the food at her place!! So I asked her if she would like to talk to you about nutrition and calories in portions and such and she said no I’m doing just fine but Eric and I talked over dinner twice about how we really think her portions are out of control especially when we see her eating at our house or at restaurants so we encouraged her to order better, sauces on the side etc… ask for a to go box right away and take half the amount home! Things like that! So she’s been a little stubborn about a couple other things as well I feel like she’s going through a phase however she has some new independence with this guy friend Irving he’s been driving her everywhere and taking her to movies so it’s like companionship and dating and doctor appointments or whatever else they want to do together so that’s been nice and she doesn’t have to hear us lecture her !! I told her she’s my adult teenage child!! So thank you for your efforts thus far and I would add her to your email list if you haven’t already for emails like this or any recipes because she is cooking a bit!! And just personally for me to you thank you from all of your efforts and energy!!

    Take care, Kelley



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